At Lady Pipa, we create party clothes that make you look like you do on any other day, but even more beautiful, and without feeling like your wearing a costume. That’s why we shy away from complicated designs and always keep our objective in mind: to bring our the best version of you. For us, simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication.



We know that when get something from Lady Pipa it’s for a special occasion, So we pay careful attention to every details. From perfecting patterns so that they are suitable for all types of women, to searching for fabrics with drape and durability, that are not too tight or see-through.



We design, produce and ship our products ourselves from Madrid. We like being able to monitor the quality of our garments closely and know that the people who make them work in good conditions.



We all know how exhausting it is to talk to machines that send you from one department to another, with nobody resolving your problems. Therefore, we commit to always providing you with a solution and taking responsibility for any mistakes we make.