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A lawyer by training, she practiced this in a prestigious law firm until she had to choose between the economic tranquility of working for someone else or betting on her passion. “I have always liked fashion and especially party dresses. I started designing and making dresses for events to which I was invited.” After the success that these had, he began to market them and combined the world of Fashion with Law but there came a time when it was unsustainable, so he decided to follow his heart and undertake.

“The most gratifying thing about this project is seeing how happy we make all the women who trust us at such an important moment.”

How do we design our clothes?

Our goal has always been very clear: to create party clothes with which you look as you would on any other day but prettier, without feeling dressed up. We design all the collections from scratch, we work on the patterns so that they fit all types of women and we look for fabrics with drape and consistency.


We make all our dresses in Spain, in workshops in Madrid and Barcelona. Our prints are also produced in factories in Barcelona. We like to do it this way because we can control the production process so that the quality is 10. Also, this way we can be more flexible and avoid overproduction: we are not forced to produce large quantities without knowing if a model is going to work or not.


We are a team led and made up of women. We create products for women and for us the most logical way to offer you an excellent product and service is from our personal experience as women.

Also, Lady Pipa is a feminist. This is not about blaming men. Nor is it about giving advantage to one gender over the other. We need referents and structural changes in the organization of work, if we aspire to a fairer environment. At Lady Pipa we work to improve all these aspects.


We design our packaging avoiding the use of plastics. In addition, instead of wrapping the garment with tissue paper, we protect the contents of the box with a tote bag that you can then reuse for everyday use.


We work with suppliers in Spain because in this way we ensure that the human rights of the people who participate in our supply chain are respected.


We work to reduce the environmental impact of our products by introducing new raw materials. Specifically, we already produce more than 40% of our clothing in viscose that is obtained from wood from more sustainably managed forests where trees are grown in a controlled manner and with programs that guarantee their reforestation. In addition, we are introducing the use of recycled polyester for the manufacture of some products.

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